The Challenge

There is an urgent need to address the growing economic and societal burdens of non-communicable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. They are occurring with increasing and alarming prevalence among ageing populations both within the European Union (EU) and worldwide.

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Our Novel Concept - The GPA

The Gluco-Psychosocial Axis (GPA) is a novel concept which incorporates the factors and pathways determining glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity with the neuroendocrine response to psychosocial stress into a single health indicator.

This unique indicator provides an understanding of the biological components of health and the capacity to impact actively upon them, in order to influence healthy ageing.

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Research and Implementation

DynaHEALTH is using a unique approach to collaborative research involving data from ongoing national birth cohorts, large-population/register-based follow-up, ageing cohorts and a randomised control trial covering six European countries.

The scientific approach focuses on four key concepts:

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Expected Impacts

Addressing the specific need for "personalised healthcare", the project aims to develop a dynamic life course model based on the GPA concept, characterising the combined pathological effects of glucose metabolism and psychosocial stress which impact on the health and working ability of individuals as they age. Exploring how glycaemic health and psychosocial factors interact and vary throughout the life course will help identify optimal time periods in which to target interventions, and help develop policy recommendations for personalised prevention measures.

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Download Information

Please download our useful guide to the DynaHEALTH project.

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